Get Outside and Go Adventure!

I just returned from hiking in Southern Utah as part of our annual business partner’s retreat. It was all that it was supposed to be. While the days spent outside soaking up the blue sky and inhaling fresh air were short-lived, the mental and physical benefits I reaped will last for a while. And, that is the reason we make this trek every year. Ironically, I read an article yesterday written by Brynn Schmitt entitled, Why Kids Need Wilderness and [...]

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When Your Top Performer Resigns …Don’t Bargain, Berate or Bypass!

We’ve all been there. One of your best and brightest employees, one of your top performers, one of your high potentials walks into your office and asks for a few minutes of your time. You immediately get that pit in the bottom of your stomach. Your intuition jumps in and you know this isn’t going to be good. You start to kick yourself knowing, just knowing, you could have/should have done more for this employee. “I wanted to let you [...]

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What My 18-year-old Taught Me About Leadership!

My daughter graduated from high school this past May, and is currently on The World Race (a gap year program, #3n9, living on 3 different continents over 9 months). This is not simply traveling around the world with a backpack; rather, they are assigned a host ministry with which they serve in each country. She started with 3 months in Guatemala, then moved to South Africa and Lesotho (I had to look that one up!) for 3 months, and is now [...]

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Saying No to Say Yes!

“A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” I read a piece by Marshall Goldsmith this week and it really resonated with me. He wrote about how he sometimes has a hard time saying “no.” He wrote, “This is practically impossible as I love the way I feel when I say ‘yes’ more than I hate the way I feel when I’m doing something I don’t want [...]

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CONVERSATIONAL Curiosity as a Core Value

“You don’t have to know everything in the world. We aren’t supposed to. It makes you boring in mixed company if you can’t be interested and ask questions of other people.” ~ Angela Johnson I know enough about myself to know that I get really frustrated by people who don’t ask any questions of others. You know the type, right? Those who talk and talk and talk, and who never pause and ask, “So, what about you?” It’s called the [...]

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The Business Case for Staying Connected

Laurie loved working. She loved her job. She envisioned working full-time until the day she was forced to retire. She always thought she would continue to work full-time even after she had children. She didn’t entertain the idea of leaving and becoming a stay-at-home mom. She had her first baby, and returned to work as planned. But, about a year later, something began to tug at her and she began to think about quitting work. She began wondering whether she [...]

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