Are you leading a team of Rock Stars? Or a team of Duds?

Seriously! Do you lead Rock Stars … those people who are aligned and engaged, who are fulfilled, motivated, delivering and performing within your organization.

Or, are you leading Duds … those individuals who are not aligned with your organizational goals, are certainly not engaged when they come to work every day, and are not meeting your performance expectations?

You might be leading a Good Soldier! This is the person who wants to do well, and tries to do well, and certainly meets your expectations, but isn’t doing anything to set herself apart. The initiative, the edge and the passion are missing! She is simply going through the motions. Or, you may be leading a Rebel Without a Cause. This is the person who is incredibly passionate, but needs to have her energy redirected. She’s engaged alright, but not aligned with the objectives of the organization.

The reality is that we all want to think we are great Coaches who can drive our team towards the highest levels of engagement and alignment (to Rock Starstatus!). But, in today’s world of high-pressure stress and fast-paced decisions, we often find ourselves defaulting to a directive mode the majority of the time and losing out on the opportunity to build alignment and engagement with those with whom we work.

Our goal is to teach Leaders how to become true Coaches, and more importantly, to create a culture of coaching within their organizations. Coaching, in it’s purest form, is strategic and collaborative. It moves people forward. It is designed to consider options and alternatives that achieve the objectives of the person being coached. It doesn’t require any expertise in the subject matter. The only skill is in the process itself.

Our GUIDE Coaching Model is as follows:

Ground – This step embodies the essence of engagement. It is all about the Coach and the Leader establishing a relationship “beyond just business.” This is where the Coach begins to understand what motivates the Leader in terms of her values, her vision for the future, and her goals. They also establish expectations and set boundaries around the coaching relationship.

Understand – In this step, the Coach and Leader gain mutual clarity on their intentions and vision, either for the short-term or long-term, or for their life or their career. They clarify those things that drive intentions and often serve to unknowingly confuse the issues and inhibit positive momentum. In some instances, the Leader may benefit from direct feedback during this time to gain a better understanding of the issue.

Incite – Here, Coaches are encouraged to foster multiple perspectives of the issue and various methods to address the topic being discussed. This is the “meat” of the coaching and the point at which the Coach facilitates an exploration of opportunities and obstacles while analyzing various options. The pros and cons of each opportunity can be evaluated to drive commitment and to explore the best option for the Leader.

Decide – In this step, the Coach facilitates the Leader to make a conscious choice to achieve her vision by clearing the obstacles, confirming buy-in, and guiding the Leader toward the necessary next steps.

Encourage and Execute – As a final step, the Coach motivates the Leader to build upon the commitments made. The Coach builds confidence, provides encouragement, drives accountability, and generally acts as a champion to ensure the coaching session ends with positive momentum in place.

One of the world’s greatest executive coaches and leadership minds, Marshall Goldsmith (author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There) had this to say about our GUIDE Coaching model:“GUIDE Coaching offers a practical approach to coaching that will help leaders become better coaches! Use the GUIDE Coaching process and create a culture that engages and coaches your employees.”

At the end of the day, isn’t this what we are constantly seeking as Leaders? Aren’t we striving for employees who are aligned and engaged? Don’t we want to leadRock Stars?

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