Our leadership development service offering covers a lot of ground. At the core, is our commitment to providing tools to help people become more aligned and engaged leaders within their organizations. Through a series of customized programs, our acclaimed series of “experiences” run the gamut on developing and refining leadership skills in an invigorating and interactive manner. Building on the concept that superior leaders possess superior self-awareness, we work with each client to create a customized program and design ‘learning laboratories’ where leaders can explore their styles, increase self-awareness, and develop business-critical skills.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation – We believe superior leaders possess superior self-awareness. They have an extraordinary ability to leverage their strengths while adapting their style to connect with others and influence exceptional performance.

The Edge – To us, to be called “edgy” is a compliment. It’s validation we are delivering an uncommon experience. Our edge is that we provide an interactive and supportive forum for participants to transcend their comfort zones and stretch themselves to reach higher learning levels.

The Design – We don’t design “off the shelf” courses and we never will. Our courses are experiences, rich with immediately applicable content and concepts. While each course is customized to address client-specific needs, the common denominators are our foundational beliefs that leadership must be delivered in a way that is uniquely authentic.

The Options – Our flexibility is what sets us apart. Our leadership programs can be delivered as independent courses ranging from hours, to days, to weeks. You choose. We adapt.

The Content – Our focus is on developing strong business skills and personal leadership competencies through delivery of content in communication, teamwork, influencing skills, talent selection, feedback and coaching, talent development, and leader as coach. Whether you take those skills to and build a business you’re proud of, or are already operating, is on your back.

The Differentiator – We have a unique partnership with an incredible global firm to deliver a mastermind Business Management Simulation. The simulation is an advanced business skills intervention that uniquely integrates hard business skills with interpersonal and leadership skills. Using experiential learning as learning methodology, the simulation is designed to provide participants with a practical, hands-on experience to manage a business unit.

Business Management Simulation

Personal Leadership Course

Influential Leadership Course

Advanced Leadership Course

GUIDE Coaching Workshop

Speed Coaching Programs

HBDI Team Effectiveness Workshop

Where You Might Need Us

Business Simulations: You want to introduce a comprehensive leadership and business simulation to engross your leaders in the fundamentals of decision-making and influencing levers to make your business successful. You may find that every solution you find is ‘off the shelf’ and lacks the customization needed by your business to integrate a pragmatic and applicable business/leadership scenario. We partner with experts and create a dynamic, ‘hands-on’ experience to solidify the learning to ensure application in your business.

Leadership Development Curriculum: You are tasked with developing a holistic leadership development curriculum based on specific needs of leaders at each leadership level. The company wants this program to be comprehensive, contemporary, interactive, and customized. Our team of executive coaches and leaders create and deliver learning experiences that transcend the classroom and ‘make it real.’ Your leaders not only grow via the experience but in turn grow those around them to have a ripple effect in your organization.

Talent Development: You’ve attended numerous leadership training courses and find them either too theoretical or too fuzzy to have much application or impact on participants as they return to their offices. All of our talent development experiences are hands-on, real-life and practical. The experiences are facilitated by our team of executive coaches who foster challenging introspection and practical application before, during and after the experience.

A Deeper Dive into the Business Management Simulation

The business management simulation process follows a well-researched, logical flow in the decision-making process of managing a business. This not only resembles real-life situations but also allows participants to draw on their own personal experience. Management skills are needed for every business from things like technology companies to hair and beauty salons. In Addition to simulation, there are so many Courses that can teach management to employees so that they are more equipped in dealing with the day to day running of the business. The simulation is however an experiential learning process that takes participants beyond knowledge and into performance. It allows them to interact with the problems, investigate options, consider possible outcomes and, of course, to implement solutions and evaluate the actual outcomes. This process includes the practical utilization of appropriate interpersonal and leadership skills that will typically be required (i.e., negotiating budgets, setting and contracting performance standards, optimizing team performance, motivation and leadership). Managing a business comes with a lot of responsibility about what to do and how to make your business continue, using inbound call routing can keep you in charge of calls in your office and on top of what is happening, click here to learn more about this. Participants are provided with both pre- and post-course executive coaching to deepen the learning, build accountability, and ensure sustainability. The program structure is such that it leads from one learning area to another, always building on previous learning experiences. The process was designed around a carefully planned set of interactive sub-processes that vary between balancing “hard” business issues, performance requirements, and the interpersonal and leadership requirements for successful achievement of the Company philosophy. Establishing a company will be difficult, however, it will become easier after learning about different business skills and tips from those at the top of their game. Whilst there will be a lot of tips based around the running of the company, there will also be useful pieces of advice to ensure that company leaders can establish strong brand awareness, helping them to grow and become more successful. These days, one of the best ways to do this is by using social media to promote your company philosophy. By creating an Instagram account, companies could get instagram followers and start creating strong brand awareness. Hopefully, this will help company leaders to create an audience, allowing them to share the company philosophy with potential customers and clients. All areas of leading a company will be discussed in these sorts of courses.

Key functional business areas are comprehensively dealt from a systems approach:

  • Business Strategy
  • Operations and Capacity Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Sales / Revenue Generation
  • Business Finance
  • Interpersonal Skills and Leadership

What People Are Saying

“The course exceeded my expectations. Where to begin? From the engaging and professional course facilitators, to the excellent guest speakers, business-specific case studies, the business simulation, the community service project, live-360 feedback and coaching, and the various networking/relationship building opportunities with fellow course attendees, I was blown away. It was truly a challenging and rewarding experience that will pay off for me!”
Riley D.
“Very interactive course with lots of ‘pressure-cooker’ simulations. I was expecting a more traditional classroom model and was so pleased to find out it was not that!”
Chris T.
“This course was very-well organized and structured. It truly created an environment in which I understood my leadership and communication styles and tendencies, and I saw both the positive and negative effects of that style. I now have the tools to accentuate the positives and mitigate the negatives.”
Margaret B.
“I’ve had the opportunity to attend other courses. Without question, this was the best I’ve been to! The exposure to new information and the approaches used were the best I’ve experienced. We maintained a very aggressive pace, which was stressful at times, however it was extremely informative, and more importantly, useful and very practical.”
Scott B.
“I had high standards for this course and the content, coupled with the instruction and facilitation by ISHR Group, truly exceeded my expectations.”
William P.
“Fantastic course! The information and concepts I learned have proven to be invaluable. I had fun, expanded my network, added to my skill set and gained knowledge in an interactive environment that kept my interest.”
Seth H.
“Finally, a course that provides practical application, and not just a bunch of theory! This was a very complete course that combined all of the important characteristics and issues of leadership. This was definitely one of the best courses I have ever attended.”
George F.
“This course stimulated my thinking and challenged me to ask myself questions about our business model, about myself as an individual, and what I need to change short-term and long-term to impact our business.”
Kevin L.