Our practice area in Assessment helps organizations to identify critical success factors which differentiate their high performers and top talent. Our consultation is designed to help leaders increase their self-awareness and invest in appropriate developmental action. Featuring comprehensive personal assessment conversations, live-360’s, and targeted feedback, our assessment process is a powerful predictor of leadership performance and an invaluable enabler for personal, professional and organizational growth. We also provide assessment skills training to enable your HR team to complete assessments in-house.

Our customized practice in Assessment can help organizations:

  • Measure talent and fit for due diligence, acquisition integration, selection, or on-going development.
  • Accelerate the selection and integration of new senior executive hires into key operating roles.
  • Develop the full potential of CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams through individual and team assessments, coaching and intervention.
  • Provide management clarity via standardized critical success factors which allow leaders to consistently calibrate talent globally and identify depth and gaps in bench strength across the organization.
  • Improve retention and morale as employees selected for assessment feel the impact of the company investing in their long-term development.
  • Provide critical information for successful implementation of succession planning and talent review processes.

Live-360 Feedback

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Due Diligence / Acquisition Integration Assessment

Board of Directors / CEO & Leadership Team Enhancement

Cultural Change Implementation

Teambuilding and Transformation

Succession Planning

Psychometric Profiles

What People Are Saying

“Undoubtedly a life altering experience … my Aha moment.”
Brian H.
“I finally understood it, and what to do about it … everyone should be given this opportunity.”
Felicia C.
“I wish I had been given this experience earlier in my career. This is the most intense, effective and targeted feedback and development I have ever received.”
Steven H.
“Having our entire senior leadership team go through the assessment process streamlined our ability to work together, and increased our overall effectiveness, at a magnitude I can’t even articulate.”
Diana C.

hbrSeveral years ago, Ram Charan’s enlightening article on CEO Succession Planning in the Harvard Business Review portrayed GE’s acclaimed assessment process. The article reveals, “Every year, GE selects a different set of 20-25 leaders who might grow into CEOs or top functional leaders and sits each one down for a three-to-four hour session with two human resource heads from outside the person’s own business unit. The HR executives trace the budding leader’s progression from early childhood (where he grew up, how his parents influenced his style of thinking, what his early values were) through recent accomplishments. They then conduct an exhaustive, fact-finding mission both inside and outside the organization, including 360-degree reviews, massive reference checks, and interviews with bosses, direct reports, customers and peers. Largely eschewing psychology, tandem assessments concentrate on observed, measurable performance within the business.”

The approach outlined above is similar to the assessment process used by ISHR Group. Our assessment “product” is a comprehensive document that charts the high-potential’s work and development over decades. The report itself is both praiseworthy, recognizing the most meaningful milestones and accomplishments of each candidate, while also being supportive of opportunities for improvement. Personalized and intense feedback and coaching sessions with each leader complete the process, ensuring that key strengths continue to be leveraged, while development needs are properly addressed.

The in-depth development process is value-added for both organizational leadership and the leader as it provides a clear indicator of what the organization can expect from its leadership potentials while giving the professional a unique, third-party perspective on which skills and behaviors to focus on for future enhancement.