Our practice area in Assessment helps organizations to identify critical success factors which differentiate their high performers and top talent. Our consultation is designed to help leaders increase their self-awareness and invest in appropriate developmental action. Featuring comprehensive personal assessment conversations, live-360’s, and targeted feedback, our assessment process is a powerful predictor of leadership performance and an invaluable enabler for personal, professional and organizational growth. We also provide assessment skills training to enable your HR team to complete assessments in-house.

Our customized practice in Assessment can help organizations:

  • Measure talent and fit for due diligence, acquisition integration, selection, or on-going development.
  • Accelerate the selection and integration of new senior executive hires into key operating roles.
  • Develop the full potential of CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams through individual and team assessments, coaching and intervention.
  • Provide management clarity via standardized critical success factors which allow leaders to consistently calibrate talent globally and identify depth and gaps in bench strength across the organization.
  • Improve retention and morale as employees selected for assessment feel the impact of the company investing in their long-term development.
  • Provide critical information for successful implementation of succession planning and talent review processes.

What People Are Saying

“Undoubtedly a life altering experience … my Aha moment.”
Brian H.
“I finally understood it, and what to do about it … everyone should be given this opportunity.”
Felicia C.
“I wish I had been given this experience earlier in my career. This is the most intense, effective and targeted feedback and development I have ever received.”
Steven H.
“Having our entire senior leadership team go through the assessment process streamlined our ability to work together, and increased our overall effectiveness, at a magnitude I can’t even articulate.”
Diana C.