A Compelling Reason to Get Out of the Office … and Out of Your Comfort Zone!

My heart is racing. The adrenalin is flowing. I’m trying to act brave, but inside I’m a bundle of nervous energy.   “Just lean back into the crevice and let go,” he says. I conceptually understand that I am in my safety harness and there is no way I am going to free-fall to the bottom of a canyon in southern Utah. My brain gets that! My brain also understands that I am standing backwards, leaning over an 80 foot drop, [...]

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Beyond the Ropes: Sharing Your Life Story

Say “team-building” and most people immediately think of the annual golf outing or groan and roll their eyes, thinking, “Here we go again, they are going to blindfold me and have my colleagues catch me as I fall backwards.” The premise is that team-building events drive camaraderie (for example, those golf outings where you essentially talk with the same person in your golf cart the majority of the time) or build trust (because you have to trust your team will [...]

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We All NEED Blockers: WHO’s Got Your Back?

Who knew I would have an opportunity to write another post about college football so soon after my last post: The Cost of Arrogance: Why I was Rooting for Michigan Last Weekend? If you missed the amazing final 10-second ending to the Michigan-Michigan State game, you can watch it here. It was unbelievable. I never thought another one of my teams would finish in similar extraordinary fashion just one week later. Last night we were at the Georgia Tech (GT) [...]

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The Cost of Arrogance: Why I was Rooting for MSU Last Weekend

Arrogant is a word that has always left a bad taste in my mouth. I like “confident.” I don’t mind “pride.” I can even handle a little bit of “cockiness.” But arrogant brings to mind an over-the-top presumption of superiority that may not be earned, but rather simply assumed. Last week was the Michigan (UM) vs Michigan State (MSU) football game. Even those of you who don’t keep up with college football have likely heard how that game ended in [...]

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The Last Piece of PIE: Performance, Image & Exposure

Consider the successful rising star who performs well and has the right image, but who has spent all of his time behind-the-scenes getting the work done that he has failed to devote the energy needed for personal exposure and visibility. When he is finally teed up for the big job, no one knows who he is, and he gets passed over for the position. We know performance is key to success. Books have been written about execution and delivering results. [...]

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GUIDE: 5 Steps to Become a Better Leader-Coach

Are you leading a team of Rock Stars? Or a team of Duds? Seriously! Do you lead Rock Stars … those people who are aligned and engaged, who are fulfilled, motivated, delivering and performing within your organization. Or, are you leading Duds … those individuals who are not aligned with your organizational goals, are certainly not engaged when they come to work every day, and are not meeting your performance expectations? You might be leading a Good Soldier! This is [...]

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